okay y’all. surroundings. they’re sooooo important!!! and they’re something that we oftentimes don’t change regardless of the effect they have on us. surround yourself with ONLY positive things and positive people (no one likes a negative nelly). Us humans are naturally social creatures but not all of our social interactions are positive, the people you surround yourself with can easily effect how fulfilled and happy you are. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with a little change of scenery if your current one is giving you negative vibes! Life is all about surroundings and they can change our outlook on so many things, and I’m not only talking about literal surroundings… obviously the weather can brighten or put a damper on anyones mood… but the people. the people you surround yourself with NEED to be people who constantly push you to be your best self, and make you happy!!!!!¬†Your surroundings are an important part of you and your identity, and EVERY DAY it reinforces who you are as a person. Tear your surroundings down and rebuild it to help create a new part of yourself and the person YOU want to be not the person your friends want you to be! at the end of the day, just be you, wear what you want. hangout with who you want. do what you want. whatever satisfies your sweet lil soul!!!!

One thought on “surroundings.

  1. I love you sweet niece of mine! I cannot wait to follow you on your journey into adulthood. You are the best thing that happened to our family the day you were born.


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